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Educational Enhancement Opportunity

If a student will have an opportunity to enhance education through travel and/or other activities that will result in an absence from school, you may want to apply for an excusal for absence using the attached form.  This form MUST be submitted to the principal at least five (5) days prior to the absence.  


If a student is in need of an extended medical leave of absense, you may want to apply for excused absenses using the form below.



(Estill County Policy) Enhanced Educational Opportunity 

Students shall be granted an excused absence for up to ten (10) school days to pursue an educational enhancement opportunity determined by the Principal to be of significant educational value. This opportunity may include, but not be limited to, participation in an educational foreign exchange program or an intensive instructional, experiential, or performance program in one (1) of the core curriculum subjects of English, science, mathematics, social studies, foreign language, and the arts. Students/parents should complete the educational enhancement opportunity request form five (5) days prior to the absence.

Unless the Principal determines that extenuating circumstances exist, requests for date(s) falling within state or district testing periods shall not be granted.

EHO’s will not be granted for any person who has attained status of “habitual truant”.

The Principal’s determination may be appealed to the Superintendent/designee whose decision may then (be appealed to the Board under its grievance policy and procedures).

Students receiving an excused absence under this section shall have the opportunity to make up school work missed and shall not have their class grades adversely affected for lack of class attendance or class participation due to the excused absence. 

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