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Jeff Saylor

Portions of this release is from a message I sent on January 22, 2019.  A lot has changed during the past three years, but I hope this will speak to everyone as we enter the home stretch of another school year. 

I wanted to send an encouraging word to everyone that may get you out of these wintertime blues.  Spring is just around the corner!  I know that may be hard to believe with all the bad weather and cold temperatures during the past few weeks, but it is a simple fact that we can believe in.  It will not be long before we see the first flowers, the grass starting to turn green and the leaves beginning to make their appearance.  I can hardly wait.

I love spring because it is always a time of rebirth and growth.  It raises my spirits and outlook.  It is a window of opportunity to set the course for a productive new year ahead, both personally and professionally.  I encourage everyone to take some time to remember those New Years’ resolutions and make it a point to follow through this time.  I know you will be glad you did.

I ask every stakeholder of the Estill County School System to take some time to reflect on and refocus our efforts on meeting the needs of our students. 

With everyone working together, the most amazing growth we will witness this spring will be the growth of our students. They are just like the flowers, grass and leaves that we so anxiously wait to see.  With the right amounts of hard work and encouragement, they will start to blossom right before our very eyes.  As an educator, this is what we strive for and there is no better feeling in this world when we witness a child reach their fullest potential. 

Enjoy the journey in front of us because winter is almost over and it is time to focus on the work at hand.   It is our responsibility to ensure that “Every Child Succeeds”.

Jeff Saylor, Superintendent

January 19, 2022


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