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    Estill County High School Graduation Announcement

    After communication with Senior Class Officers and a survey of the Class of 2020, the Estill County Board of Education is excited to announce plans for this years’ commencement ceremony.

    Estill County High School Graduation is set for July 31, 2020 at 8pm.  The ceremony will be held outdoors at Hoover Niece Field. The Board and I are committed to having a live graduation, but this event must follow recommendations from local, state and federal officials concerning COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines in effect at that time.  

    In the event this ceremony cannot take place, the Board wanted to ensure there would be a formal recognition of the senior class.  With this in mind, we will be conducting a virtual graduation ceremony during the week of May 24.  Mr. Yost and his staff will be providing further information concerning this event that will be filmed over a four day period.  Once editing is complete, all seniors will receive a copy of the event and it will be posted to all social media outlets.  This virtual event is an additional keepsake we wish to provide the Class of 2020

    These seniors have made many sacrifices during this spring and we want them to know that we honor their accomplishments as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

    Congratulations Class of 2020.  

    Jeff Saylor, Superintendent

    Rhonda Hardy, Board Chair

    Donna Isfort, Vice Chair

    Bryan Covey

    Jenny Jo Niece

    Shiela Samples

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