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Clear the Air

Clear the Air

Our district has been preparing for the District-Wide ban on Tobacco and Vaping products for the past six months.  This law was passed by the General Assembly this past spring.

On January 1, 2020, these policies will now be in full force. 

These policies ban the use of Tobacco, Nicotine Alternatives and Vaping on school property at all times.  I have included the actual board policy and the reporting document that will be used to report employee violations.


There have been several questions as to exactly what this ban includes and these are just a few clarifications.

  1. There are no designated smoking areas on any property owned by the school district.
  2. If your car is parked on school property, you would not be able to go to your vehicle and smoke.  You would have to drive off property in order to not be in violation. 
  3. If you walk off of school property, you can use tobacco products.  Exp.  Engineer Drive is not on school property.  The sidewalk at C.O. or Orchard Ave is not school property.
  4. You cannot use tobacco products while operating a school vehicle.
  5. All athletic facilities are tobacco free as well.  Athletic Directors and Coaches shall enforce this policy.  PS.  This ban does include dipping and chewing tobacco.
  6. This ban does include the general public and is in effect 24/7.  School plays, Open House, all Athletic Events, ect.  All school personnel has a duty to enforce this policy.
  7. We have had nothing but positive feedback concerning this policy, but there will be some that will see how serious we are in the enforcement of this policy.  I do not anticipate any issues. 
  8. When dealing with the general public, please follow these steps:
    1. Simple state, This property is tobacco free, please stop ______________.  (Smoking, dipping, vaping, ect….) Be courteous at all times!
    2. If they refuse, report it immediately to a supervisor.  The supervisor will go speak to the individual.
    3. If they wish to continue, you can tell them where they can legally continue smoking off property.
    4. If they refuse to comply and continue to use the product, simply ask them to leave the property.
    5. Hopefully, we will not have to take further action.  I will discuss with all supervisors and principals on how to deal with an individual that is out of line. 


Finally, we have supplied our employees with information on how to “Kick the Habit”!  We invite everyone in Estill County to join us in this endeavor.

If you are looking for a News Years’ Resolution, this would be a good place to start.

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